Production Process

High Technology: In our production processes we have the Oven Maerz that provides a high quality lime, besides having an advanced system that reduces dust emissions to the environment:

  • The Furnace has a parallel flow regenerative, which allows the combustion gases and the stone travel through the furnace in the same direction, increasing the contact time of the hot gases with the stone.
  • The furnace provides environmental care by minimizing the amount of fuel needed for the calcination process and substantially reduces dust emitted into the atmosphere, thanks to a gas filtration system that collects dust particles and keeps them confined.
  • It uses natural gas as fuel, and that makes the larger combustion and the production of lime with less impurity, ideal for the steel industry.

The process of production of lime involves six steps:


Dolomite and limestone are extracted and transported to the kilns.

Extraction of raw materials


The calcium or magnesium carbonate (limestone or dolomite) are dissociated by application of heat at high temperatures to convert the carbonate to an oxide of calcium or magnesium which is lime.

Maerz Kiln


Lime is transported by transfer towers for classification.

Torres Transfer


Stored in different silos according to the product being processed.



After remaining in the corresponding hoppers can be pulverized lime or hydrated, according to the final product to be manufactured.


Hammer Mill

Final Product

The byproducts results in different types of lime are packaged according to customer requirements: Steel, Pulverized, Quicklime, Hydrated and Dolomitic.

Steelmaker Lime

Dolomitic Lime

Hydrated Lime

Powder Lime

Dolomitic Lime (briquette presentation)


Our products are distributed in several forms as super sacks, packaging or directly 25kg bulk.

Big Bags

Individual packing 25 kg

Directly on Truck

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